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PS: If you don’t have a current project, let’s keep in touch for future projects.

Looking for experts to handle your audio needs?

Here’s How We Set Up Super Bowl 50...

the most watched broadcast in U.S. TV history...
with +115.5 million viewers...

With Zero Errors. Zero Glitches
An Amazing Success...

Quick Question For You:

Jimmy Fallon | The Tonight Show Host

Wearing the gear we set up for “The Tonight Show”.
Does your audio and sound guy look like this…?

Have you ever seen an audio pro
really blow it…

A rookie audio professional.
Cheap equipment. Horrible glitches.

Audio isn’t working during the event…
The poor guy scrambles to do “something.”

Heck. Nothing works…

And then one of the stars gets up…
throws the microphone away,
and walks out furiously…
along with the red-faced producer…

The A1 is toast.

Just imagine what happens when it’s LIVE –
a national game like Super Bowl…
Beyoncé and Bruno Mars on stage…
Exactly, there’s NO room for error.

Then there’s the constant advancement
in technology and gear…

Audio isn’t always child’s play.

But who would you trust?

Under the new leadership of

Jim Flynn & Andy Hilton

As THE leaders in professional audio rentals for the past 25 years, we have seen it all… from rare recording devices to the latest popular gear… and that’s why big players have always relied upon us…

Here’s (Just) a Few of Our Projects and Esteemed Clients:

Trusted us for five Pro-Tools rigs, microphone package and control-room monitoring for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’s week ‘on location’ in LA…

Relied upon us to provide three matching Avid D-Command & Pro-Tools rigs PLUS voiceover booth gear for the largest broadcast: Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco…

Counted on us for six Pro-Tools rigs for Beyonce on location for a house recording studio “somewhere”… 😉

The New York Times sought our expertise on the acquisition of a wireless microphone system for their studio, as well as field video and audio content production.

The Daily Show

The Daily Show has depended upon us, for the last 14 years, for the entire audio setup for the audience portion of the theater as well as comms and ancillary studio audio for the control room and visiting acts…


For the past 12 years we have assisted NBC and CBS with microphones and even
provided an array of outboards for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade…


Trusted us for high-end microphone setups, Pro-Tools and outboard gear for the cast recordings – Hello Dolly, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and movies such as: A Bronx Tale, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Keeping Up With The Joneses, A Dog’s Purpose, The Girl On The Train, Hail Caesar among many others…

Here’s a Glimpse of What You Can Rent or Purchase


When you call upon the leading rental company on the East Coast (i.e. us)… you can rent out professional large or small scale Pro-Tools recording systems – You can be 100% sure you’re getting the same expertise that CBS relies upon during Super Bowl… It gets up to 115.5 million viewers and it really has to work!


You can rent from our (largest in the US) stock of Schoeps and DPA microphones to produce the stunning music that enthralls the audience…

Wireless Systems

You can access a large array of rental wireless systems from microphones (of all sorts) to ear monitors for music and TV use – you know, wireless is its own art form, but thankfully we know what we are doing with it, and our clients trust us when it’s needed the most…

Complete Recording Studio Facility

You can have the same complete mobile facilities that are used by The Tonight Show, Beyonce and James Taylor… ranging from TV-based setups to music recording studios… your “audio” is in safe hands…

Location Rec

If you are into TV and film productions, then choose from our packages for audio recording which ranges from a single walkie talkie to the entire audio chain…


You get ongoing expendables for film productions… (this is where being in NYC
gives us a big advantage)

Dante Coordination Projects

You get our top-notch expertise in Dante for audio coordination of all sorts – if you have a Dante problem… contact us and we will handle that for you in no time

Studio/Theater Rebuilds

You get full audio assistance and ideas and implementation right from the start of a rebuild project to its successful finish…

Audio Sales

Tap into our knowledge for any audio requirement, no matter how small or large


You get our top-notch expertise in Dante for audio coordination of all sorts – if you have a Dante problem… contact us and we will handle that for you in no time

And much much more…

To sum up, we have 100’s of the the latest equipment, technologies and 25 years of amazing track record and expertise to take care of ANY of your projects, anywhere, anytime. Rentals – Sales – Service. We do it all.

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PS: If you don’t have a current project, let’s keep in touch for future projects.

How Does It Work?

You send us your contact details by clicking the button below or call us at (212) 586 1033.

Discuss your project and get a FEE quote from our sound Pros.

After approval, you can rest easy, that your project is in the right hands.

PS: If you don’t have a current project, let’s keep in touch for future projects.

Want Even More Proof?

Here are a few of the testimonials from our happy clients:

Russ T Fisher

A1 for Wheel Of Fortune,
Jeopardy and many more

“I’ve been using Pro-Sound as a one stop shop for all of my audio needs for over 20 years. As an ENG sound mixer and recordist, I can always count on Staff at Pro-Sound as they have always gone above and beyond… no matter what time zone I’m in, I can always find someone on the other end of the phone to help with anything I need. … whatever, whenever, or wherever I need assistance,
I can count on Pro-Sound…”

Dan Moses Schreirer

Award winning Broadway
avant-garde sound designer.
Awarded for this work in Floyd
Collins, Into the Woods, Assassin & American Psycho 4 nominations for Tony Award.

“… It requires a team of people to bring the performance to life. Over the course of my career, I have reached out to Pro-Sound to bring the highest level of my sound designs… Their demo enables me to audition many brands of equipment to create my signature touch to the production… Pro-Sound is always right there collaborating.”

Damian Canelos

Sound Mixer for Feature Film &

“I have been coming to Pro-Sound for a literal quarter century.  After graduating from NYU in the early 90s I found a home in Pro-Sound, not only as a store to purchase equipment from, but as a resource of knowledge and advice; helping me build a strong foundation to start my career as a Sound Mixer for TV & Film.  I have worked on countless projects since then – most, if not all, supported by Pro-Sound in one way or another.” has been a seamless transition. Pro-Sound always does a fantastic job.”

Want To Feel What It's Like To Hand Over ALL Your Audio Concerns To The Pro-Sound Experts?

We invite you to tap into our 25 years of audio expertise. Rentals – Sales – Service.  We have 100’s of happy industry-leading customers & one of the largest and most diverse audio and sound equipment selections in the nation.

Simply click the button below to get in touch with one of our audio PROfessionals now!

PS: If you don’t have a current project, let’s keep in touch for future projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I've the most technically challenging task? Can you handle it?”

In short, yes.

For example, CBS Sports (one of our oldest clients) called on us to provide four Pro-Tools systems and a variety of audio gears… for what was to be an another event of the year – Super Bowl 50, 2016…

… we fielded a large technical setup with Dante connectivity.

Turns out, +115.5 MILLION viewers tuned in during the peak performances from Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars… Surprisingly, it became the MOST watched broadcast in U.S TV history… and everything went on without a screech…

Of course, we had the advantage of having done Super Bowls previously… which goes to show the trust CBS has on our expertise… so yes, we can tackle any challenge you may have – pretty easily.

“I have a big project and it’s totally last minute... very urgent”

On Nov 4th 2016, 3 P.M. we received a call from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert requesting a 16 channel wireless system with DPA 4080 lav mics… now wireless mic systems don’t grow on trees nor do they go out the door quickly (or not if you want them to work right)!

So when they said the first rehearsal time was 4.30 that day they really didn’t think we could do it. But we knocked one out of the ballpark… rehearsal was flawless…

“I have a tight budget”

Well, we have a sweet spot when it comes to budgets. After all, we put a HUGE MUSCLE into our work and you’re welcome to try our rental packages which are accessible to all who’ve enough skin in the game…

Click the Button Below to Get in Touch with One of Our Audio PROs

and get the ultimate audio solution for your project

PS: If you don’t have a current project, let’s keep in touch for future projects

We have a solid intuition that you’d love to
unload your bag of worries by calling in the right guys.

Well –

then just relax. To get in touch with one of our audio specialist,

call us at (212) 586 1033 for custom-tailored solutions for your project.

Get in touch now, before it’s too late.

Your audio team of experts.

Jim and Andy

Pro-Sound, Ltd.
276 Meserole St
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Tel: 212.586.1033

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